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New!  COMING SOON! (July) Special order

Limited quantities through the product testing period!

SR3D XLR Pro MKII retailing at £499.99 try yours for £369.99!

With a brand-new balanced circuit which is even more sensitive, giving more signal and less self noise and higher quality parts making it an even more professional model.

There are a limited number of these test units for, yes, testing! Going for the price of the existing SR3D XLR Pro during the limited available mics that are coming soon. The deal is if they are not suited for your equipment you simply return it at your expense with examples as to why you think it isn't worthy, or, if they sound totally awesome, you've just bagged yourself a bargain! 

The SR3D XLR MKII is going to be a little bit more expensive due to the development and research, and are using extra quality parts in this model. The new SR3D XLR Pro MKII will also have a new SR3D logo in black, the DIY kits logo's will now be in green.


PLUS! More to look out for in the coming months... Another exciting XLR model for experimenting in water play, an IP67 capsule in a specially designed enclosure inside the ear that protects the capsules from water ingress (these models you can't ear clean by scraping the capsules as this wouldn't keep them water-resistant, and you can't put the mic underwater).

PLUS! A new design of garden microphone is to be introduced for the weatherproof microphone series we have.

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