About us

AWI (Audio With Intelligence Limited) is based in the North West of the United Kingdom and was founded in 2015.

We create binaural capturing devices, the elegant tube type, and dummy head types for an enhanced binaural experience.

The SR3D binaural microphone can be used for many subjects, including field recording, Foley (sound effects), ASMR, musicians, actors, church services, YouTube creators, for almost anything that creates a sound!

The SR3D's ERTF (ear related transfer function as we like to call it) uses a unique ear shape that infuses binaural audio onto the captured audio that enables us to perceive recorded audio externally.

​When played back through headphones will give an external perception of sound sources, even using speakers or monitors that are to the left and right of you if you have good hearing in both ears, if you use hearing aids you may have success if you place the headphones over your hearing aid microphones.

UK Company Number
UK VAT Registration Number GB448086176
UK Telephone Number +44 74 8888 3147  (9am - 10pm GMT)