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Binaural dummy head DIY kit

Binaural dummy head DIY kit

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Complete DIY binaural dummy head kit!

Build your own microphone

Kit comes with:

Polystyrene dummy head - Now with white new bases!
Pair of SR3D silicone ears
Matched pair of Primo EM272's with wires pre-soldered
Durable 3D printed base
Fixing nut, washer and 1/4" tripod adapter
Pair of XLR connectors with pre soldered components or
Felt for base
Ear cutting template tool

Tools you will need
Non serrated edge blade at least 4" to 6" in length
Box cutter/Stanley knife
Silicone sealant in white
Silicone spreader tool
14mm spanner and or pliers
Philips screwdriver
Soldering iron and solder
Cutting mat/newspaper for cutting felt base


Please note:
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Please see shortened video for non-verbal instructions, if you decide to make a purchase the full video will be sent to you. The steps are very easy.

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